Friday, December 10, 2010

CAUTION: working with feelings

Women are emotional creatures . . . I'm sure this is common knowledge by now but it is so so so true. Its these emotions that sometimes hold us captive . . . Or traps us in situations that we know are not good for us. Working with feelings will have you stuck in a situation that you know with evry fiber of your being is not for you. Its like somebody please release me. Give me the green light to let go an move on with the faith that things will be better. How many times have you or someone you know said that they were going to stay with a "situation" because they are comfortable. I too am guilty. We make ourselves feel better by saying we know this situation. We know this situation for all that it is and all that it ain't. Its this false sense of security that locks us in situations that aren't necessarily for us. I often wonder if I'm missing out on true happiness (financially and personally) by being afraid to step out on faith. Why why why why! How can these feelings/emotions have so much control. How does feelings trump logic and reason? IDK . . .

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